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 image by Aaron Brown 

image by Aaron Brown 

Working out regularly is hard.  Between work, maintaining a social life, furiously checking my phone every 5 to 12 minutes, keeping my cat alive and my apartment from becoming an uninhabitable mess, finding the time/motivation/energy to drag my butt to the gym can be more difficult than I'd like to admit. Especially because my apartment literally sits one floor above the fitness center in my building (we are talking get-my-own-wifi-network-close.) 

Enter GymGuyz

Whether I'm struggling with actually making it to the gym, staying motivated once I'm there, or coming up with creative workouts, this mobile, personalized, in-home training company has helped me tackle all of my fitness hurtles. GYMGUYZ sends a personal trainer and van full of top of the line equipment to the location of my choice (home, park, office, beach, etc) to walk me (kick my butt) through my own individualized workout based on my personal goals. 

 image by Aaron Brown 

image by Aaron Brown 

I'm not an athlete by any means. I do what I'm familiar with and it's enough to keep me healthy on a physical and mental level. Once I make it to the gym and I remember how good working out makes me feel, I can *usually* self motivate through my work out routine for about an hour/ hour and a half.  The problem is that I do the same exercises over and over to the point where I no longer get that nice post workout ache (y'know that one that tells you that you actually accomplished something at the gym.) Plus it gets boring. 

So I enlisted Corbin, my GYMGUYZ coach, to help me switch up my routine and give me some pointers on how to get the most out of my workouts.  Corbin's background is in physical therapy and exercise science which gives him an expert eye for technical form and endurance form (this is perfect for me because often I won't try new exercises due to worries that I'll hurt myself if I do it incorrectly.) I'm not looking to body build, weight lift on an olympic level, or even lose weight. I just wanna be able to eat bread and stay the same jean size. With that physical fitness goal in mind, Corbin took me through some exercises that I can incorporate into my regular routine.

 to my right, Corbin Schmucker   image by Aaron Brown

to my right, Corbin Schmucker

image by Aaron Brown


Warm Up - dynamic stretching (something I forget to do most of the time - whoops)

Hi-Intensity sets

Functional Strength sets


Cool Down - static stretching

The whole session ran about an hour and was perfectly tailored to kick my butt but not exhaust me before I headed into work at noon. I definitely felt the post gym burn I'd been missing! It was refreshing to work with a trainer and get some feedback on my form. I love how convenient GYMGUYZ makes having a personal trainer! GYMGUYZ trainers are available to clients 7 days a week, 5am-11pm and will work around your schedule. The first session with a GYMGUYZ coach is alway free and includes a beginning  assessment of general fitness level and personal goals. Clients can purchase sessions individually or in group packages (yay no gym membership fees or annual commitments!) and have a 6 month period to use them. Since I don't require a trainer on a regular basis, grabbing 10 sessions and spacing them out over 6 months is the perfect way for me to get the occasional refresh and spice up my regular routine. Whatever your personal needs or fitness goals, GYMGUYZ is an all too convenient way to workout and stay fit. No more excuses (and that means me too.) 

 Image by Aaron Brown 

Image by Aaron Brown 

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