Can a Crop Top Actually Teach You Something?

Can a Crop Top Actually Teach You Something?
Image: Cheyne Truitt

Hello, dear Internet, hello. And welcome to Beautifully Together. My name is Shae-li and I'll be your pilot this morning/afternoon/evening, with non-stop service to your best style life. But what is your best style life? (And what does that even mean?) Well, I could tell you....but then I'd have to kill you. jk...maybe. 

For me, my best style life is living in the moment, wearing what I want to wear, how I want to wear it, when I want to wear it.  Gone are days of feeling anxious that I'm overdressed, underdressed, wearing too much black, my wardrobe looks like the same piece over and over again, my wardrobe is the same piece over and over again, oh god I'm turning into my mother, oh god, oh god, but also, Mom, can I borrow that sweater?  

Okay, so I'm still an anxious human. But I've embraced my personal style. And I promised myself I would cultivate it into its best possible form.  And I want that for you too! Your best style life will look different from my best style life but it is my hope that Beautifully Together will inspire and guide you as we evolve together towards our best possible selves.  


This look was pulled together in an effort to break outside my comfort zone when it comes to colors and silhouettes.  I've only just started wearing white and cream; I tend to favorite black and jewel tones the majority of the time. However, because of this adorable crop top, I've learned something. I actually like how I look in light, neutral colors (despite my great fear of staining something). I didn't own anything in cream and I definitely didn't own anything in this shape. Think empire waist except the waistline starts right at your boobs instead of your waist. It sat in my closet for a full year with the tag still attached before I was adventurous enough to wear it. To this day, I'm not sure what possessed me to buy this top. Perhaps I was feeling ambitious in pushing my style boundaries or perhaps I was feeling cocky about my ability to keep things clean.   More than likely, it was on sale and I was losing money by not buying tell me how that logic works. 

The point is, I bought it. And I wore it. I didn't let feeling like I couldn't "pull it off" -  even I have those thoughts - stop me from rocking something that is clearly v cute and a great addition to my wardrobe. I hope that if you learn one thing from me and my blog, it's that you can wear anything you want if you put your mind to it. Beautifully Together was designed to foster creativity, inspiration, fearlessness and self love.  It's meant to be a reminder that you wear the clothing, not the other way around. Plus you can expect food, beauty products, travel adventures, home decor, pictures of me taking pictures of all these things (#seeshaegram) and more.

 So strap in, put your tray tables in their upright positions and enjoy the trip! 

Images by Cheyne Truitt