Denim On Denim: Femme vs. Boy

Believe it or not, I haven't been a fan of denim on denim until this year. The denim jacket is one of those wardrobe staples I knew I should own but couldn't seem to get behind for the longest time. The jackets I saw in stores over the year were either too cropped, too boxy or too stiff for my taste.  Enter this vintage denim jacket I found in a consignment shop in a tiny town in Eastern Maryland. It is perfect; dolman sleeve, hits perfectly the waist, and deliciously soft and worn in.  I found myself loving all the denim looks we saw this past spring, so armed with my trusty new...errr...old denim jacket, I embraced it head-on. 




This denim on denim look feels feminine and empowering, like a modern Rosie the Riveter. For this look I wanted a contrast between the two denim washes, tied together with the print detail on the flares. Iā€™m obsessed with the silhouette these flared jeans give the body. No matter your body type, flares are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. If you are curvy they help accentuate your curves and the wide legs provide balance if you are top heavy. If you have a narrower figure, flares can give the illusion of curves. The high waist gives definition and makes your butt look fantastic, regardless of whether or not you actually have a butt (me).




For this boy denim on denim look, I wanted to keep things more monochromatic, taking Canadian tuxedo to the next level. At first, I worried the denim overalls under the denim jacket would be too much...then I remembered the now iconic Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake 2000 AMA denim on denim look and realized I was fine. This look was a little outside my comfort zone but, as always, I'm happy I pushed myself to give it a whirl because I now feel confident wearing any denim on denim look that comes my way. The overalls are a slim fit, which makes them flattering in the legs and butt, unlike their baggier siblings. Overalls have a tomboy vibe to them that make me feel ready to tackle any project and get my hands dirty. I feel polished in this pair but also like I could operate a power drill in this outfit (and I have). 


Whether this is your first foray into the world of double denim or if you are an old pro - I hope these two looks inspired you!  Want to share your denim on denim masterpieces?  Tag me on IG @shae_li


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Images by Marquel Allen