Easy Way to Wear Colorful Shorts

About three years ago, I went through a phase where all I would wear was black. I had done so much experimenting (often unsuccessfully) with color and pattern mixing in my college years, that I did a complete 180 and started to shy away from anything remotely light or bright. 

Honestly, I felt uncomfortable in color.  I would stand in fitting rooms, tugging and pulling on the pinks, yellows, blues and oranges, not feeling quite right. I couldn't tell you exactly what it was, but I found more comfort in all black.  Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful thing to have those go-to outfits you know you can put on and always be comfortable and confident in.

But alas!  I woke up one day (jk, it was a gradual process) and realized I was missing out on my best fashion life without all the print and texture and color I was avoiding. No longer, would I be daunted by bold shades and bright hues and neither should you.

Pick A Bold Hue

Let's pick a weird color.... like kelly green. And, dammnnn, what a color kelly green is. It makes me think of St. Patrick’s Day and youth-league-soccer-team jerseys. It's a color that feels hard to pair and can border on aggressive if you aren't careful. So, as you can imagine, I turned my nose up at this pair of bright green shorts at first. But my girl, Lindsey from A Day N June, voted Baltimore's best vintage showroom and boutique, convinced me to try them on. And while I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the color when I walked out of her showroom, I did, however, recognize the way they made my waist look snatched (which was the real reason I bought them). 

Get comfy with It

I learned I'm more likely to wear a color that scares me if I bring that element of comfort back into the way I dress. Finding a couple go-to combinations for those bright pieces in my closet makes it so much easier to feel confident in colors that are a little unusual. Flash forward a few months later, my family is cleaning out my grandmother's closet and lo and behold: the most perfect shirt to go with those colorful shorts.  It looks as if they were made to go together, so I wear them as a set. 

But don't get too comfy

These shorts pair nicely with creams and whites but additional colors or prints that do not directly play off of the green starts to feel a little too loud - which isn’t my style. As with any bold and bright color, I keep my supporting pieces complimentary or neutral.  Tan boots go with almost everything. The mustard cap pulls from the tiny, yellow detail in the print on my grandma's blouse. I got lucky with the almost exact shade match in my shorts and top, plus the large amount of white helps balance the green while still maintaining cohesiveness between the two pieces. I’ll confess I still don’t have much else in my closet that goes with this shade of green, but having a go-to look for these bright, colorful shorts ensure they don't feel so intimidating anymore. 


Shop the look

High Waisted Bermuda Shorts - A Day N JUne - Shop the showroom 

Elephant pearl bangle - Julie vos - $145 

Haskell Glasses in Crystal - Warby parker - starting at $95 including perscription lenses

ashland cap in Mustard - Brixton for free people - $58    

(other colors on Brixton's site)


Images by James L Harper