New Year, New Goals

Well everyone, we are one week into 2018! How are y'alls new year resolutions holding up? This year I decided to make some new year's commitments. "Resolution" has started feeling a bit watered down to me and I'm feeling real good about "commitment." It's definitely all in my head but whatever it takes right? ;) This is the time of year where we tell ourselves we'll go to the gym, eat cleaner, stay organized, etc.,  and then run out of steam somewhere around mid-February. I'm not trying to run out of steam this year.

I've set some personal and blog related goals and better yet, to ensure I'm keeping them I'll be putting up posts this month to go along with each of them. I'll be sharing a blog or event for each of these three new year commitments over the next 30 days plus the outfit and style posts you are used to seeing here! 

1. Self love and sharing the journey - Y'all 2017 was real and brought up some real emotions and feelings for me. I kept a lot of it to myself (cause I know y'all don't wanna hear every detail and that's one of the things I respect and love about you) but I also recognize there is solidarity in sharing the struggle. So in 2018, I'm committing to sharing a bit more about my personal life and my personal struggles in the hopes that we can open the dialogue and learn with each other.


2. Community Engagement - MORE EVENTS! Well, hosting events period. The first 6 months of Beautifully Together were a great learning experience and gave me some time to ease into blogging on my own. My previous blog, 30th & Weldon, placed an emphasis on hosting events and engaging on an "irl" level and I miss that, so I'm committing to hosting more events this year. Keep an eye out for info about a February 13th Galentine's Day event co-hosted by myself and @discovercharmcity

3. Expanding the "lifestyle" component of Beautifully Together - Let's get into some new topics this year! I still plan on focusing on style and looks but I recently polled you guys on Insta and across the board you voted heavily in favor of blogging about a wide variety of topics. So get ready for posts on home and decor, beauty and skincare, food and drink recipes, and travel experiences! 

I've got fresh outfits, styled looks, creative shoots, vacation plans, beauty products to test and a non-dairy stuffed shell recipe planned for 2018. I loved getting your feedback in 2017 and I'm excited to see what this year holds! 



Images by Ian J. Bell