Trend Spotlight: Resin

What is resin?


Resin is a solid or viscous plant based substance (think amber or tree sap) and is often used in jewelry, plastics and a variety of other common use items. The resin costume jewelry we see popping up on style blogs and in boutiques is made with synthetic resin but often mimics the real deal in color and appearance. Resin accessories can be made with a number of resins including epoxy, polyurethane and polyester.

I’m living for all this 70s inspired jewelry, so you’ll catch me adding to my resin collection all season. Resin accessories are timeless pieces to keep in your wardrobe arsenal, regardless of whether they stay trendy. A statement resin piece is an easy, lightweight accessory that can be paired with most outfits.

While the trend is hot:

Stack those resin accessories one on top of the other, like I did in this look. Layer that bag, on earrings, on bangles - resin, resin, resin! Invest in resin jewelry you love while there is a ton of selection. Honestly, I’m still adding to the bangle and earring collection. By the end of this season you can expect to see me with a full wrist.

When the trend shifts:

Keep the resin more minimal and use it to enhance your look versus it being the focal point of your outfit. Use one single bangle to add a pop of color to your look. Grab that resin accented bag and use it to add some funk to a clean and modern outfit (think a column midi skirt and a long-line sweater.)

I’ve linked a few of my favs plus the ones pictured here. Happy shopping!


shop the look

Resin Bangle in clear - free people - $18

lucite faceted Bangle in Amber - ink + alloy - $38

Flower Power Resin Earrings - Sassanova - $38

vienna Mini tote in tan - Free People - $68

Images of me by Micah Pringle of Whiskey & Wisdom