Vintage & Velvet

Velvet has always felt like an intrinsically "Fall" material to me. Traditionally associated with royalty, the richness of this fabric gives the sense of 'cozy luxury' that I crave during the colder seasons. Not to mention, it's just too heavy a fabric to wear when it is warm. I enjoy playing with texture when getting dressed in the morning so I was hyped when I realized I had finally acquired the right pieces for this on this velvet on velvet look.  


The majority of this look is either vintage, thrifted or handed down from family.  I know it is a little early for setting resolutions but something I've recently committed to is reducing the amount of new clothing I purchase. Instead, I want to give new life to something old, approach someone's trash as a treasure and appreciate the sentiment in family heirlooms. The jacket came from Baltimore vintage store, Milk & Ice, the mock neck top was a thrift store win from Long Island, New York and the sunglasses from an antique store that I don't think exists anymore.  The skirt was made from vintage velvet fabric by Community, a sustainable fashion boutique and workshop space in Athens, Georgia, and the knit cap and scarf were my mom's hand-me-downs from when she was my age.  


I hope this look inspires you to hit a thrift or secondhand store next time you feel the urge to go shopping. Not only did I get the entire outfit for under $95 (minus the boots which are newer) but I also love knowing I was able to create a fresh and vibrantly textured look out of pieces that were previously enjoyed by someone else.